[ejabberd] need help on ejabberd and jingle node

Do Nguyen Ha donguyenha at gmail.com
Thu Oct 11 06:34:03 MSK 2012

Hi all

i install ejabberd on Centos successfull
and now i install the mod_jingle for ejabberd
svn checkout http://jinglenodes.googlecode.com/svn/ jinglenodes-read-only
cd jinglenodes-read-only
cd ejabberd_mod_jinglenodes/
autoreconf -vif
make all
make install

then edit ejabberd.cfg to add some lines:
{8888, ejabberd_service, [
                            {access, all},
                            {shaper_rule, fast},
                            {ip, {127, 0, 0, 1}},
                            {hosts, ["xmpp.abc.com"],
                             [{password, "secret"}]


  {mod_jinglenodes, [
                     {host, "jinglenodes. at HOST@"},
                     {public_ip, ""},
                     {purge_period, 5000},
                     {relay_timeout, 60000}

my goal is when 2 jitsi clients can make call to each other and the
mod_jinglenodes should insert for relay RTP

but when i do debug in ejabberd, i cannot see the IP in
offer for ICE negotiation

how should i config ejabberd or other component to do it

Thank you

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