[ejabberd] Archiving chat messages along with some extra data using mod_archive_odbc

Vineet Naik naikvin at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 09:56:13 MSK 2012


I am using ejabberd for a web based one-to-one chat application (using
where I need to pass along some extra data with some messages.
So far, I had been passing this data by adding attributes to the message
Now I am trying to archive the messages using mod_archive_odbc but it only
stores the message body.

After going through XEP-0136, it seems that the my approach is flawed
and now I want to fix it. What would be the best way to pass additional
data with message stanzas of type chat and have it saved to the database
along with the body using mod_archive_odbc with or without modifying the

Also, it's mentioned in XEP-0136 that the default_auto_save preference can
'message' as a value that would store the entire message rather than just
the body
but mod_archive_odbc doesn't seem to support this.

Actually I tried to modify the module and recompile but couldn't get
the additional attributes defined on the message stanza in the handle_cast
function. I am new to erlang but wouldn't mind modifying the module if
But would like to know the best approach for such a case.

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