[ejabberd] LDAP authentication fails with SSL encryption

Renato Alves rjalves at igc.gulbenkian.pt
Thu Sep 6 19:17:43 MSK 2012

I've need a lot of messages lately related with LDAP and some bugfixes
on the latest ejabberd version.

As I couldn't get my hands on a .deb for ubuntu with this version, can
someone tell me if any of the bugfixes are related with the issue from:


I still can't get ldaps authentication to work.


Quoting Gavin Henry on 06-07-2012 19:10:
> On 6 July 2012 19:03, Renato Alves <rjalves at igc.gulbenkian.pt> wrote:
>> I should reinforce that I have:
>> TLS_REQCERT     never
>> on /etc/ldap/ldap.conf
>> otherwise it fails with:
>> ldap_start_tls: Connect error (-11)
>>         additional info: (unknown error code)
> That's fine. So StartTLS does work (-ZZ). We need to find out if ejabberd does?

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