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valent.turkovic at gmail.com valent.turkovic at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 01:22:15 MSK 2012

Hello everybody,
I'm working on a wifi/darknet opensource project what provides
communication infrastructure but we would also like to provide
communication services.

I had only contact with XMPP servers as a user, but I'm a long time
linux user/sysadmin and quick to learn ;)
Admin in our local wifi community has used OpenFire XMPP server, we
have nothing but trouble with OpenFire because of memory leaks so I
know what I won't use. I would like to see if ejabberd can prvide most
in not all features that we need, and maybe we can even contribute
some new features in the future.

Our first priority is to provide communication channel that is
resistand to single point of failure so that person-to-person chat and
MUC services can't be interupted even when multiple XMPP servers
and/or connections to them suffer failure.

My contribution is by testing which XMPP server would be best in
providing communication service to our project.
If you have any experience ejabberd vs Prosody or ejabberd vs OpenFire
please share them or point to older conversations of this type.

We would like to enable creation of small linux embedded communication
servers preconfigured with XMPP server that would run on embedded
linux devices like RasoberryPi and wifi routers. Has anybody tested
how ejabberd behaves on OpenWrt?

What, if any, webui and linux terminal admin tools are availabtle to
setup and manage ejabberd?

For local wifi community admins nice to have features are:

- user statistics
 * how many users are connected now
 * how many users have been connected in last XY hours/days
 * listing users that have not logged in in last XY days
 * monitoring user activity
  ** how long users have been online/away/offline in last XY hours/days

- easy user account administration
 * list all users and their roles
 * change users role
 * create new users
 * ban user accounts
 * delete users accounts

- manage connectiviry to XMPP servers of other communities
 * connect with different communities (to their MUC rooms and clients)
 * ban connection to some specific community (their xmpp server)

-  logging room communication
 * output MUC room logs in html and txt format

- manage your communities xmpp server cluser
 * info about any specific server

- secure and private communication if needed
 * pgp and OTR support

Which of these features are already implemented, which are something
we will see soon and which are not even planned?


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