[ejabberd] Archiving chat messages along with some extra data using mod_archive_odbc

Alexander Tsvyashchenko lists at ndl.kiev.ua
Fri Sep 14 02:37:21 MSK 2012

Hi Vineet,

On 5 вер. 2012, at 07:56, Vineet Naik wrote:

> I am using ejabberd for a web based one-to-one chat application (using strophe) 
> where I need to pass along some extra data with some messages. 


> Also, it's mentioned in XEP-0136 that the default_auto_save preference can take 
> 'message' as a value that would store the entire message rather than just the body
> but mod_archive_odbc doesn't seem to support this. 

A couple of relevant points:
Is info you need to pass really message-specific, or conversation-specific? In the latter case you can attach that extra info to the collection using <x> element, I think mod_archive_odbc should support this.
If you need to store message-specific data indeed, you might consider waiting for mod_archive2 release - it supports 'message' method of storage. I recently resumed the work on it and adapted it to work with ejabberd2, and while it is not yet production-ready (but neither is mod_archive_odbc ;-), I successfully use it for my personal needs. I expect to release it in the coming weeks, although if you're interested in early testing - ping me & I'll give you access.

Good luck!                                     Alexander

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