[ejabberd] Looking for anyone interested in testing my ejabberd based project

Shaun Kruger skruger at chatmongers.com
Sun Sep 23 03:30:36 MSK 2012

Hi everyone,

I recently started working on some things in ejabberd 2.1 that I wished
were different.  High on my list was being able to dynamically provision
hosts.  There are some other things I've worked on like providing an
interface to reload erlang modules at runtime (I did this for my own
comfort when testing) and I have also organized some domain specific
processes under a supervisor for each domain.

At this time I wanted to invite others to take a look at what I've done and
try it out.  I don't promise that it's bug free.  I have only been able to
make sure that logging into a dynamically created domain works and that I
can pass messages between users of two different dynamically provisioned

I did a little writeup about my most recent changes here:

My fork on github is available here:

The last commit where I got most of these things working is 04934094c0.

I really would like to hear what others think of my work on ejabberd.  So
far this has been a fun project to work on.

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