[ejabberd] Unable to join more than 10 channels

Marco Gallotta marco at gallotta.co.za
Wed Sep 26 02:49:57 MSK 2012

Hi there 

I am experiencing a problem where users cannot join more than 10 channels, after which they get the error below. I cannot find anything in our configuration which would point to this limit. Any ideas where to look? Is it a default?

=INFO REPORT==== 2012-09-25 14:49:54 ===
D(<0.475.0>:ejabberd_router:313) : route
        from {jid,"bartholomew","dev.xmpp.lokistudios.com",[],"bartholomew",
        to {jid,"bartholomew","dev.xmpp.lokistudios.com","Admins-MacBook-Pro",
        packet {xmlelement,"iq",

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