[ejabberd] XEP-0280

Abhinav Singh abhinavsingh at ymail.com
Tue Apr 2 11:56:29 MSK 2013

For others who will be following this thread, mod_message_carbon is tested and developed against ejdv2. I haven't tried it with ejdv3.
From the errors it looks like mod_message_carbon build.sh isn't able to find ejd headers where it expects them to be.
Kindly update Emakefile and build.sh with appropriate include and ebin directory paths for successful compilation.

Abhinav Singh

On 26-Mar-2013, at 2:39 AM, Jorge Guntanis <jorge.guntanis at telcentris.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been trying to get Message Carbons working without luck.
> I tried installing ejabberd 3 beta 3 alpha 3, which according to the commercial ejabberd website has support for it, but when I try to discover the service, it doesn't appear like it's supported, is there anything that I need to add to the config to enable this? I couldn't find much information online.
> Additionally I tried to compile Abhinav Singh contribution module (https://github.com/abhinavsingh/mod_message_carbon) but when I try to build the .beam I get these errors and compilation fails.
> ./mod_message_carbon.erl:61: record iq undefined
> ./mod_message_carbon.erl:62: record jid undefined
> ./mod_message_carbon.erl:62: record jid undefined
> ./mod_message_carbon.erl:62: record jid undefined
> ...
> ...
> Any ideas on how can I achieve XEP-0280 using eJabberd?
> Thanks much,
>  - Jorge
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