[ejabberd] Questions on ejabberd operation

孙明欣 mingxin.sun at dewmobile.net
Tue Apr 16 10:36:00 MSK 2013


I have several questions on ejabberd operation. Kindly please give your advice if you have any idea. Thanks in advance.

1. I have a cluster with two nodes. The database storage type of the master and slave nodes are configured by the web console. How could I do it with command line? This is important because when new node is added to the cluster, we can configure it with some scripts other than manually in web console.

2. How could I dump the configuration currently running in my cluster, such as the database storage type? I'd like get the configuration dumped as a file such that I can add it to our repo for version controlling. And, of course, could such dump be restored to ejabberd?

3. How to monitor the performance of ejabberd? I mean how much memory it is eating, how many active connections, etc. Which processes need to monitor?

4. When the business growth, when do I need to add a new node to the cluster? In other words, we need monitor the status of the servers, and need to know how to unscramble the data, which is the basis to make decision to add new machine to support our xmpp domain.

sun mingxin
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