[ejabberd] S2S not working with Ejabberd on ubuntu server (timeout)

thomas t.macaigne at beware.fr
Sun Apr 21 21:25:14 MSK 2013

Konstantin Khomoutov <flatworm <at> users.sourceforge.net> writes:

> On Thu, 18 Apr 2013 11:44:37 +0200
> Thomas Macaigne <t.macaigne <at> beware.fr> wrote:
> > I have a working ejabberd server. I would like it to work with other
> > xmpp servers.
> > 
> > telnet xmpp-server1.l.google.com 5269 works
> > All ports are opened
> > It is not a DNS SRV Issue
> ^^^ Why are you so sure about this?  Really, most of the time someone
> complains about an s2s not working with gtalk, this is a DNS SRV issue.
> Care to tell us what's your server's XMPP domain?

My boss told me so.
Also, the telnet command works.
Moreover, S2S is not working at ALL. Not only with gtalk

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