[ejabberd] exmpp rebar build

Jean Parpaillon jean.parpaillon at free.fr
Mon Apr 22 12:08:37 MSK 2013

I'm currently using exmpp in a development which is based on rebar.
Declaring exmpp as an rebar dependancy does not work out of the box so
I've worked on a rebar port of exmpp.
Contrary to existing port previously done
(https://github.com/archaelus/exmpp), this port keep existing autotools
I've tested it on linux only. Port drivers are working too.
Thanks to archaelus work, I've added a 3rd (!) way of generating headers
and source from XMPP extensions with escripts. This could eventually by
used by all build systems as it depends only on erlang.

You can have a look at the code here:


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