[ejabberd] Working Yahoo transports?

Michael Vogel icarus at dabo.de
Sun Apr 28 21:55:24 MSK 2013


Am 28.04.13 17:59, schrieb Stanislav N.:
> 28.04.2013 19:16, Michael Vogel пишет:
>> Is there another (working) Yahoo transport I don't know by now? Or does
>> anybody know how to get one of these two transport to work?
> Try spectrum. This transports support wide range of protocols. I fact,
> they're support all protocols with libpurple help.

Sounds great, thanks! Libpurple is great, I'm using it with adium and
pidgin and it seems to work good.

Would you prefer using spectrum for ICQ, AIM, MSN and IRC - or should I
keep using the other transports (pyaimt, pyicqt, pymsnt and built-in
irc-support) for that?


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