[ejabberd] Working Yahoo transports?

Stanislav N. aka pztrn pztrn at pztrn.ru
Sun Apr 28 22:26:32 MSK 2013

I'm using this spectrum2 for icq and skype, so yes, I would recommend you spectrum2 for everything :) 

Пользователь Michael Vogel <icarus at dabo.de> писал:

>Am 28.04.13 17:59, schrieb Stanislav N.:
>> 28.04.2013 19:16, Michael Vogel пишет:
>>> Is there another (working) Yahoo transport I don't know by now? Or does
>>> anybody know how to get one of these two transport to work?
>> Try spectrum. This transports support wide range of protocols. I fact,
>> they're support all protocols with libpurple help.
>Sounds great, thanks! Libpurple is great, I'm using it with adium and
>pidgin and it seems to work good.
>Would you prefer using spectrum for ICQ, AIM, MSN and IRC - or should I
>keep using the other transports (pyaimt, pyicqt, pymsnt and built-in
>irc-support) for that?
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