[ejabberd] XEP-0313

David Laban alsuren at gmail.com
Tue Apr 30 18:41:25 MSK 2013

On Monday 29 Apr 2013 12:08:40 Michael Uvarov wrote:
> Here is a test suite for MongooseIM:
> https://github.com/arcusfelis/ejabberd_tests/blob/arc-mod-mam/tests/mam_SUI
> TE.erl
> Here is a module with basic operations. It only supports MySQL:
> https://github.com/arcusfelis/ejabberd/blob/arc-mod-mam/apps/ejabberd/src/m
> od_mam.erl
> The code is not ready for production yet. :)
Ooooh! Thanks.

I am in the process of backporting it to ejabberd-2.1.x. My progress can be 
tracked at:

As a future extension, we would quite like to export the messasge bodies into 
a fulltext search engine like solr, so I will look into stripping that part 
out at store-time and re-constituting it when queried.

I have asked our DBA to take a look at the schema, and he's suggested that we 
split it into 3rd normal form, then create a bunch of stored procedures for 
maintainability/portability of the reading and writing code. I will have a go 
at porting my branch to use his suggeseted schema, and go from there.


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