[ejabberd] wildcard in ejabberd_service

Michael Holm hollo at hollo.dk
Thu Jan 3 14:36:47 MSK 2013


Im looking for a way that i can use wildcard hosts in ejabberd_services:

I mean, the setting:

  {8888, ejabberd_service, [
                            {access, all},
                            %%{shaper_rule, fast},
                            {service_check_from, false},
                            {hosts, ["games.domain.dk"],
                             [{password, "games"}]

this seems to allow everyone to connect to port 8888 which is fine.. but
only if the the jid something at games.domain.dk connect he will get the
messages, but i was looking for a way that lets say..

test1.domain.dk connects, and everything to test1.domain.dk was received by
this client, and

test2.domain.dk connects, and he will receive everything to him..

I have  around 200 different domains, i dont know if there is a way to
define a wildcard instead of enter all the different domains?

Best regards,
Michael Holm
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