[ejabberd] external component suck messages

Michael Holm hollo at hollo.dk
Mon Jan 21 13:59:47 MSK 2013


The problem is:

I have 2 domains on my ejabberd server:
example1.com, example2.com..

I have started an ejabberd_service on both domains.. one instance for each..

When i have no external component connected all messages in my MUC is
printed in the room without any problems..

But when i connect an external component on the same domain as the room,
its like half of the messages disappear from the room.

When i connect an external component to the other domain, everything is
just fine.. all the messages gets through again.. Is this by design or what
is going on, can i fix it so i both can have a MUC and an external
component on the same domain?

Here is my config:

  {8889, ejabberd_service, [
                            {access, all},
                            {shaper_rule, fast},
                            {service_check_from, false},
                            {hosts, ["example1.com"],

  {8888, ejabberd_service, [
                            {access, all},
                            {shaper_rule, fast},
                            {service_check_from, false},
                            {hosts, ["example2.com"],

I could understand if its just take all the messages, but now its like half
of the messages.. Can it be fixed, or have i made a misconfiguration?

Best regards,
Michael Holm
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