[ejabberd] <iq> balancing

Vincent Barat vbarat at capptain.com
Fri Jan 25 20:51:26 MSK 2013

Hi everybody,

eJabberd documentation says that an <iq> coming to a node is served 
by a local service component (if any) with the default configuration :

"The default distribution algorithm try to deliver to a local 
instance of a component. If several local instances are available, 
one instance is chosen randomly. If no instance is available 
locally, one instance is chosen randomly among the remote component 

I experience a different behavior: 1 got a 4 nodes cluster, each 
node running the same service component, each node having an 
incoming s2s connexion, and each s2s connection sending the same nb 
of iqs.

In that configuration, even if a node has 0 incoming s2s connection, 
it handles some iq, an the nb of iq processed per node is clearly 
not correctly balanced.

Any idea to load balance correctly my iqs ?

Thanks a lot

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