[ejabberd] Unable to receive IM's on multiple clients

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Jul 11 00:11:49 MSK 2013

On 7/10/13 2:09 PM, Cliff Dunn wrote:
> I have just successfully setup ejabberd on Debian 7, but I am having an
> issue on my account where I am only able to receive an IM on one client.
>  I currently have Pidgin setup on 2 computers and Xabber on my android. 
> Before adding Pidgin into the mix, Xabber was working flawlessly, but
> now I am only receiving IM's on one of the Pidgin clients.  I have
> looked through the configs and help, but am unable to locate any setting
> that would prevent this.  All clients are successfully connecting
> without a problem.  Thanks for any assistance.

You seem to want "deliver to all resources" behavior. I don't think this
is the default behavior in ejabberd (nor is it in most XMPP servers),
but perhaps there's an add-on module for that.


Peter Saint-Andre

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