[ejabberd] Help about mod_proxy65

manman mbaldov at gmail.com
Wed Mar 20 12:18:15 MSK 2013

Hi all,

First of all thanks for this list.

I tell you my problem in the hope that someone help me.

I have a local VM jabber test where I need to enable and configure with
some criteria

the  module "mod_proxy65".

This is a piece of ejabberd.cfg about the aforementioned module:

%%%.   ====================

%% More examples of ACLs
%% mod_proxy65 ACL

{acl, proxy_users, {user,"test1", ""}}.
{acl, proxy_users, {user,"test2", ""}}.

{access, proxy65_access, [{allow, proxy_users}, {deny, all}]}.

{shaper, proxyrate, {maxrate, 10240}}. %% 10 Kbytes/sec
{access, proxy65_shaper, [{proxyrate, proxy_users}]}.

%%%.   =======
%%%'   MODULES

{mod_proxy65,  [  {hostname, "ubuntu104"},
                  {name, "Transfer Files"},
                  {ip, {192,168,200,60}},
                  {port, 7770},
                  {max_connections, 5},
                  {access, proxy65_access},
                  {shaper, proxy65_shaper}]},

I use PSI as a client to do my tests.

First question: Is this configuration correct?

If yes, why the file is tansferred equally even if I use another user that
is not in

proxy_users ACL?

Second question: is it possible to set the maximum size of files that can


Thanks in advance of anyone who will help me.

Best Regards.

*PS. for Administrator*: For a mistake, yesterday I have sent same mail
with another mail address (topgunx1 at hotmail.com). So, please could you
cancel the previous comunication? Thanks and I apologize for my mistake.
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