[ejabberd] [ANN] ejabberd Community Server 13.03

Peter Schwindt ejabberd at schwindt-net.de
Sat Mar 23 01:19:59 MSK 2013


Am 22.03.13 12:21, schrieb Mickaël Rémond:

> We are announcing two major changes in ejabberd development today:
>  - a new version of ejabberd, called ejabberd Community Server (eCS),
>    as opposed to ejabberd Commercial Edition;
>  - a change in version numbering,
>    and thus our workflow.

So, what about https://support.process-one.net/browse/EJAB-532 ?

It's about 5 years since this bug exists - did you add XEP-0198 support
to any of the above mentioned editions?


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