[ejabberd] /etc/mail/virtusertable, with Sender Rewrite Scheme, for XMPP?

Constantine A. Murenin mureninc at gmail.com
Sun May 5 22:12:20 MSK 2013


I have an OpenBSD server, and I'm looking for a way to make several of
my domain-names be jabber-aware; however, I have a requirement of not
having any actual local accounts into which one must login to receive
and send messages -- everything should be forwarded to, say, a
gmail.com account, with mostly transparent address rewriting.

Basically, say, I have "example.su"; I give someone an address of
"me at example.su", they message it from "them at example.com", my server at
"example.su" receives it, and rewrites the the from and to addresses
(similar to how ~/.forward or /etc/mail/virtualusertable with Sender
Rewrite Scheme would work), and forwards it to my @gmail.com account,
with the from address of something like "them%example.com at example.su",
or, maybe even "them%example.com%me at example.su".  Or if I need to
contact "them at example.com" myself, I'd simply initiate a conversation
with "them%example.com%me at example.su" from my gmail.

In email / sendmail terms, I'm looking for an
`/etc/mail/virtusertable` with Sender Rewrite Scheme solution, for
XMPP.    I would describe it as an XMPP-to-XMPP transport, but I don't
know whether such term already has a different connotation.

I've asked this question on ServerFault, but no hints so far:

Where should I start?


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