[ejabberd] Unable to see online status of users

o0beaner o0beaner at gmail.com
Wed May 15 22:13:57 MSK 2013

I am attempting to configure my new ejabberd installation to display online
status of everyone else on the server. So far, this has been unsuccessful.
I am using a php file that talks to a phpbb3 forum installation via curl
for authentication and account creation. This piece, at least, is working.

Two test accounts login to the server, and neither can see the other as
being online. They can add each other as a contact, and they both show as
being offline.

I have installed mod_webpresence, and made the following changes to my
ejabberd.cfg file:

 {5280, ejabberd_http, [
                            {["presence"], mod_webpresence}

%% Web presence auto enrollment
{access, webpresence_auto, [{allow, local}]}.

 {mod_webpresence, [
    {access, webpresence_auto},
    {pixmaps_path, "/var/lib/ejabberd/pixmaps"},
    {path, "status"},
    {baseurl, "http://jabber.red-dot.us/status/"}

Supposedly, this configuration should automatically enroll users into
webpresence, but this isn't working either. The only 2 registered
webpresence users were enrolled manually. Even then, they cannot see each
other as online.

I have also tried creating an "everybody" shared roster group according to
Example 1 in this article: http://www.ejabberd.im/shared-roster-all

So far in 2 different clients (Psy and Pidgin,) these SRG's never even show

Is there something I am missing?
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