[ejabberd] Getting started with ejabberd and Mysql - modules_odbc

T.Prokopp t.prokopp at web.de
Fri May 17 13:58:16 MSK 2013

Hello List,

This is my first posting and i am not an native english speaker so 
please excuse my bad writing.
I started reading on ejabberd now for something some days and wanted to 
start testing.
I downloaded the latest stable source (2.1.12) from : 
and compiled it with the env needs on my server.

Everything went fine and i could start ejabberd with Mnesia as backend.
But my goal is to have it running with MySQL. So i read another 
"thousands" Post on the net to skill myself.
I know i need the "mod_MODNAME_odbc.erl" Sourcefiles to get it done but 
i do not find them in none of the repos.
I found some (only 2 or 3 odbc_modules), in old github/svn repos but i 
wanted to ask you , for a general place to fetch them.

Would you be so kind to provide me with some informations to get further 
with this project.

Best Regards from Germany


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