[ejabberd] Getting started with ejabberd and Mysql - modules_odbc

Kirill Ratkin kirill.v.ratkin at gmail.com
Fri May 17 14:48:39 MSK 2013

Hi Tomas,
Many people here are not native english speakers.

Things you need are already in ejabberd repo or tar ball. You just need to
to several steps to get server up & running:
1. prepare config file
2. create database in your databases server. Note. when ejabberd works in
odbc mode it uses separate database per virtual host.
3. apply mysql.sql scheme to all databases (remember, one databases per
virtual host)
4. start jabbered

For example you can see my config file. There are two domains (example.com&
example.org) and two databases called 'examplecom' & 'exampleorg'. Database
user 'ejabberd' and his password 'pazzword'. Of course you need to create
this mysql user and grant him access on two these databases before.

Note, when you build ejabberd and erlang/otp you should be sure option
--enable-odbc is enabled.
And also when I started ejabberd with odbc support I got runtime message
about ... mysql driver is out or my system.
So I built & installed this driver:
https://github.com/deployfu/erlang-mysql-driver as well.

2013/5/17 T.Prokopp <t.prokopp at web.de>

> Hello List,
> This is my first posting and i am not an native english speaker so please
> excuse my bad writing.
> I started reading on ejabberd now for something some days and wanted to
> start testing.
> I downloaded the latest stable source (2.1.12) from :
> http://www.ejabberd.im/**ejabberd-2.1.12--13.03-beta1<http://www.ejabberd.im/ejabberd-2.1.12--13.03-beta1>
> and compiled it with the env needs on my server.
> Everything went fine and i could start ejabberd with Mnesia as backend.
> But my goal is to have it running with MySQL. So i read another
> "thousands" Post on the net to skill myself.
> I know i need the "mod_MODNAME_odbc.erl" Sourcefiles to get it done but i
> do not find them in none of the repos.
> I found some (only 2 or 3 odbc_modules), in old github/svn repos but i
> wanted to ask you , for a general place to fetch them.
> Would you be so kind to provide me with some informations to get further
> with this project.
> Best Regards from Germany
> Thomas
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