[ejabberd] Password Hashes in MySQL

Kirill Ratkin kirill.v.ratkin at gmail.com
Mon May 20 18:53:28 MSK 2013

There is patch for 2.1.12 version which can store password hashes instead
plain passwords in mysql 'users' table.

This is optional. Additional option {password_type,hashed} should be set to
enable this feature.

Also I added second option {auth_mechanisms, [digest]}. Which just starts
only particular auth backend. Just I want to have exactly defined
mechanisms. So for my purpose I use {auth_mechanisms, [digest,plain]}.

Guys, how do you process patches?

Patch is attached.

Note, mysql.sql schema is changed a bit. Thus to use patch on existent
system ou need to alter 'users' table as it is in scheme.

I'd like to get a feedback about patch .. It's my first attempt to use
Erlang and functional programming in general :)
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