[ejabberd] Server allocating all available ram, then stops at 100% CPU

Evgeny Khramtsov xramtsov at gmail.com
Tue Nov 12 15:38:43 MSK 2013

В Tue, 12 Nov 2013 11:35:31 +0100
Peter Schwindt <ejabberd at schwindt-net.de>:

> On 12.11.2013 11:13, Evgeny Khramtsov wrote:
> > Yes, like this. This means that max_fsm_queue is working actually.
> > So the problem is in "blocking" TCP send. What Erlang version are
> > you using?
> R15B01

That is fine. Seems like the server is flooded pretty much and there is
not enough resources to process outgoing messages even on small
blocking delays.

My recommendation is to decrease s2s/c2s shapers as much as possible,
clean the server from malicious accounts and restrict the registration.
I really don't think you can do much here, alas :(

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