[ejabberd] Delete all contacts from all users and upload new

Pawel Jamroz zaqosek at gmail.com
Sat Nov 23 21:29:06 MSK 2013


I have problem because i used command ejabberd push_alltoall and how to 
delete now all contacts from all users.
Next question, i create file witch users witch i need to send to all 
users file looks that:

{"example.com", [
{"amadej at wblin.pl", "Workers", "Artur Madej"},
{"mirkat at example.com", "Workers", "Mirosława Tarnowska"},
{"katweg at example.com", "Workers", "Katarzyna Węgrzyn"},
{"marsza at example.com", "Workers", "Mariusz Szabała"},
{"staz at example.com", "Workers", "staz"},
{"malszo at example.com", "Workers", "Małgorzata Szostak"},
{"mirwia at example.com", "Workers", "Mirosława Wiater"},
{"katwoz at example.com", "Workers", "Katarzyna Woźniak"}]}

ejabberdctl push_roster_all /home/pea/roster_all.ls


Problem 'error function_clause' occurred executing the command.
Stacktrace: [{mod_admin_extra,subscribe_all,
                                 [{"amadej at example.com","Workers",
                                   "Artur Madej"},
                                  {"mirkat at example.com","Workers",
                                   "Miroslawa Tarnowska"},
                                  {"katweg at example.com","Workers",
                                   "Katarzyna Wegrzyn"},
                                  {"marsza at example.com","Workers",

please help
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