[ejabberd] resource_conflict

Krisztian maildir at mko.hu
Tue Oct 1 15:59:45 MSK 2013


Yes, I have tried it without quote (") but same result. It seems
this function is not working property. 

Do you have any suggestion how
can I start to debug this problem? 



10:38 időpontban Badlop ezt írta: 

> On 30 September 2013 16:57,
Krisztian <maildir at mko.hu> wrote:
>> So I have added this line to the
main ejabberd.cfg file: {resource_conflict, "closenew"}.
> Check again
the description in the Guide, it says: {resource_conflict,
setresource|closenew|closeold}. The option values are atoms (key words),
not strings. Don't put ", instead put this: {resource_conflict,
closenew}. -- Badlop ProcessOne
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