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Hi Badlop, 

Thanks for your help! I have misunderstood this

When I set the same resource this parameter is



2013-10-02 17:11 időpontban Badlop ezt

> Ah, now I understand what you mean. Right, it happens as you
> but that isn't a bug of that option.
> Notice that the
option resource_conflict refers to a conlifct in using
> a specific
resource: when two XMPP sessions attempt to login using the
> same JID
resource, which is forbidden by XMPP. That option allows to
> define
what to do: kick the old session, or disallow the new session.
However, in your user case, you have two different sessions, each
using a different resource. There is no conflict using a unique
resource, so that option doesn't apply to that case.
> You thought it
as a bug because you set max_user_sessions to 2. But
> consider 5
sessions are allowed. Then what does {resource_conflict,
> closeold}
mean when the 6th session is attempted? Does it mean kick
> the 4th
session, or the 1st one, or ...?
> So, in your case, you should
configure all those users to login using
> the same resource, not
different ones. That way when one new logins,
> ejabberd will kick the
old one.
> --
> Badlop
> ProcessOne
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