[ejabberd] Rosters become unavailable

Peter Viskup skupko.sk at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 11:33:02 MSK 2013

Hi all,
just experiencing issues with roster becoming unavailable for all users.
After logon the roster is empty and only restart of ejabberd solve it.
These are error messages I do see in log:

=ERROR REPORT==== 2013-10-06 18:00:35 ===
E(<0.11004.34>:ejabberd_hooks:335) : {aborted,
running hook: {roster_get_subscription_lists,["skupko","jabber.sk"]}

=ERROR REPORT==== 2013-10-06 18:00:36 ===
E(<0.11004.34>:ejabberd_hooks:335) : {aborted,
running hook: {resend_subscription_requests_hook,["skupko","jabber.sk"]}

Will appreciate any information about possible causes or how to trace
that issue.
Would it be possible it's caused by some entry in the roster DB?

Best regards,

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