[ejabberd] Anonymous vs As-Yet-Unknown.

Mark T govirtual.com.au at gmail.com
Mon Oct 14 09:17:46 MSK 2013

Ejabberd is pretty great. Thanks!

I am running a web page with Strophe.
When an Unidentified (real) person (URP) arrives, they are logged in as a
real userID.
This is so I can have a chat activate with an online (local) counterpart.
(This requires the jID's to be cross-rostered, ie: Both known to each
The URPjid is made unique with a random resource.
This means the password for the URP has to be part of the page script.
Q1: Is there a way to lock a jID password?

I do try to use the anonymous login module, though the unique (unknown)
numeric prefix to the jid means it cannot be entered to a roster.
So notification of a new arrival cannot be made.
This brings about a new type of anonymous?
One which is purely anon at first, slowly giving up identity.
Q2: Is this a use case which is not catered for by existing techniques?

Thanks for any clues!

All the best!

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