[ejabberd] mass removal of bot users

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Sat Sep 28 05:10:22 MSK 2013

i made the mistake of running an open registration ejabberd for many
years.  there seem to now be xmpp bots, and the server has literally
thousands of bogus users and O(100) real ones.  if really bored, one can
sit on the web interface and shoot them as they show up on the online
users page.  they log in as fast as one can delete the account.

i have shut down the open registration.  to clean up, i would ideally
like a tool to first
  export a list of all registered users
and then i can sort it, as 99% of the bogus users have names that will
sort out easily as they are generated.  and then
  a hack to accept a list of names to delete


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