[ejabberd] resource_conflict

Krisztian maildir at mko.hu
Mon Sep 30 18:57:55 MSK 2013


Hi All, 

Based on the Release Note of ejabberd 2.1.9 a new
parameter has been implemented: 

- New option: resource_conflict

So I have added this line to the main ejabberd.cfg file:

{resource_conflict, "closenew"}. 

and add this rule: 

max_user_sessions, [{1, w3hhelpdesk}, {10, all}]}. 

{acl, w3hhelpdesk,
{user, "public", "mydomain.hu"}}. 

I am using web clients with XMPP
over BOSH. 

I can successful register with public at mydomain.hu user but
when I register with this same JID from other client the first
registration will be terminated. Based on this parameter the second
registration should not be allowed. 

Have you any idea? 

I am using
ejabberd server (2.1.10-4) from Debian Wheezy. 

Thank You and Regards,

Krisztian Kompar 
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