[ejabberd] mod_shared_roster_ldap and posix account like LDAP ?

Xavier Beaudouin xavier.beaudouin at hsoftware.com
Mon Apr 7 14:31:09 MSK 2014

Hi there.

I am trying without success to make some mod_shared_roster_ldap to work with my OpenLDAP.

My schema is vey simple with 2 ou :


Sample user :

# User TOTO, people, mydom.com
dn: cn=User TOTO,ou=people,dc=mydom,dc=com
cn: User TOTO
gecos: User TOTO
givenName: User
l: Paris
loginShell: /bin/sh
mail: user.toto at mydom.com
o: Horizon Software
objectClass: top
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
objectClass: posixAccount
objectClass: shadowAccount
postalCode: 75009
uid: utoto
uidNumber: 17
street: 13 rue La Fayette
homeDirectory: /home/tcollet
title: The User
departmentNumber: One departement
gidNumber: 7003
telephoneNumber: +33 1 42 12 12 12 
sn: TOTO
homePhone: 701


With some groups :

# paris, group, mydom.com
dn: cn=paris,ou=group,dc=mydom,dc=com
description: Paris Users
gidNumber: 10000
cn: paris
memberUid: utoto
memberUid: utata
memberUid: ubla
objectClass: posixGroup
objectClass: top

# bangkok, group, mydom.com
dn: cn=bangkok,ou=group,dc=mydom,dc=com
description: Bangkok Users
gidNumber: 10004
cn: bangkok
memberUid: auser
memberUid: cuser
memberUid: suser
memberUid: tuser
objectClass: posixGroup
objectClass: top

Ejabberd has been configured to use email as login.

All login works, but I connot figure what kind of parameters to make to populate mod_shared_roster_ldap to get several groups :



Do you have a nice idea ?


Xavier Beaudouin - Senior Network and System Administrator

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