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Mickaël Rémond mremond at process-one.net
Tue Dec 9 23:31:17 MSK 2014


As Holger mention, yes client support is still lagging.

Please, note that:
1. This is supported in ejabberd SaaS.
2. This will be supported on hosted.IM in the future.

Depending on your use case, indeed, ejabberd SaaS maybe the way to go (if hosting for larger service). For more personal or smaller size hosting, yes hosted.IM is better.

Note that you have web server side archive on hosted IM, but we do not yet provide client access.

I hope this helps,

Mickaël Rémond
ProcessOne - Boxcar
Founder and CEO

> On 09 Dec 2014, at 21:09, Esben Stien <b0ef at esben-stien.name> wrote:
> Stefan Strigler <stefan.strigler at gmail.com> writes:
>> You might want to look at XEP-0313 Message Archive Management which is
>> implemented by MongooseIM for instance.
>> http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0313.html
> Yes, exactly what I mean;)
> I'm appalled that this is not a standard feature of the XMPP spec. 
> And this is not implemented in ejabberd?
> Anyways, I just took down my ejabberd server and moved my hosting to
> hosted.im cause I need to refurbish my computer room. 
> So, now, I guess I need to move it again, cause I absolutely need XEP-0313.
> Does anyone know of any provider hosting MongooseIM?
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