[ejabberd] Maximum History Size from MUC

Deepender Singla deepender281190 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 14 14:43:05 MSK 2014

Hello Folks

First off, I want to thanks to all of you in writing modular and easy to
customize source code of ejabberd, I was actually scared when my boss gave
me ejabberd customization never touched erlang and this code base before.
But I was surprised with the modularity have been written, its very easy to
customized even without erlang  (though because of this project, i
started learning erlang looks very interesting)

Back to what I am doing, From in MUC i am not making user leave the room
when he leaves the room, this is i did by changing behaviour of
"unavailable" type so that it doesn't remove_users, the other thing which I
am currently stuck is:

1) I need to send the client the messages they missed when they were
offline, can I use send_history method for this. As I see send_history can
store  20 by default but this can be increased to any number, My first
question What is the upper limit for this , if any?

2) Does anywhere apart from in the room does server store when was the user
was connected and disconneted, some time stamp of user?

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