[ejabberd] Maximum History Size from MUC

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 14:39:36 MSK 2014

mod_muc_room implements a software limit, that you can modify easily.
There isn't any other limit, except of course the scalability of the
implementation: with one thousand of stored elements, the
implementation will be slower than with a hundred. And one million
even slower.

You can test yourself: use a room bot that sends messages, and
evaluate memory consumption and response time when it reaches key
values (one hundred, one thousand, or maybe it can reach one million).
One of this will happen at some time:
A) Memory consumption will increase until consuming all possible memory
B) Response time will increase for some operation (storing new
message, or retrieving stored messages), and it will be unusuable.

mod_last stores the timestamp when a local user disconnected from ejabberd.


On 14 December 2014 at 12:43, Deepender Singla
<deepender281190 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello Folks
> First off, I want to thanks to all of you in writing modular and easy to
> customize source code of ejabberd, I was actually scared when my boss gave
> me ejabberd customization never touched erlang and this code base before.
> But I was surprised with the modularity have been written, its very easy to
> customized even without erlang  (though because of this project, i started
> learning erlang looks very interesting)
> Back to what I am doing, From in MUC i am not making user leave the room
> when he leaves the room, this is i did by changing behaviour of
> "unavailable" type so that it doesn't remove_users, the other thing which I
> am currently stuck is:
> 1) I need to send the client the messages they missed when they were
> offline, can I use send_history method for this. As I see send_history can
> store  20 by default but this can be increased to any number, My first
> question What is the upper limit for this , if any?
> 2) Does anywhere apart from in the room does server store when was the user
> was connected and disconneted, some time stamp of user?
> thanks
> deep
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