[ejabberd] mod_shared_roster and high cpu usage

Vladimir Stafievsky vladimir.stafievsky at syncopate.ru
Thu Jul 10 12:17:32 MSK 2014

Hi all!
I have a strange problem:
Load average / CPU usage on server rising abnormally after 50-100 shared 
roster groups added. Tested with db_type mnesia and odbc. I use 
mod_shared_roster with odbc (mysql) right now. There are a lot of 
"select opts from sr_group where name=XXX" queries.
Clients cann't get roster from server or getting it very slow. When i 
truncate sr_group table everything is ok:( Cann't understand what's the 
problem. Please help to find it.

I need to create 200k-300k shared roster groups with millions members - 
is it possible?
Thank you.


Vladimir Stafievsky

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