[ejabberd] node name already occupied ctl-ejabberd

Holger Weiß holger at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Thu Jul 10 13:02:19 MSK 2014

* Peter Schwindt <ejabberd at schwindt-net.de> [2014-07-05 16:14]:
> is there anything that can be done against upper mentioned notification
> that occurs in the logs almost every five minutes?

This is epmd telling you that you're trying to start an Erlang node with
the name "ctl-ejabberd" while another one is already running with that
name.  This is either true, in which case the second one should use
another name (or wait for the first one to complete).¹  Or the first one
didn't close the TCP connection to epmd properly (due to a crash or so),
in which case "epmd -stop ctl-ejabberd" could be used to unregister that


¹ From a quick look at the ctl() function in ejabberdctl, it might help
  to install /usr/bin/flock or /usr/bin/jot.

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