[ejabberd] [ANN] ejabberd Community 14.07

Jérôme Sautret jerome.sautret at process-one.net
Wed Jul 23 17:05:51 MSK 2014


Two months after the previous huge release, we are keeping the pace
with a new feature packed version. We added major improvements
regarding to SIP support, Carbon copy, stream management and added
Riak as a new supported database.

ejabberd Community 14.07 includes several improvements and many
bugfixes over the previous 14.05 release:


* SIP Outbound (RFC 5626) support
* New option always_record_route
* New options record_route and routes

Carbon Copy (XEP-0280)

* Don’t log MUC messages with hint
* Don’t carbon copy messages with hint
* Let is_carbon_copy/1 recognize carbons
* Don’t send XEP-0280 v1 copies back to sender

Stream Management (XEP-0198)

* XEP-0198: Terminate session if stanza queue becomes too large
* XEP-0198: Don’t exit on socket send failure
* XEP-0198: Don’t drop session on failed resume
* XEP-0198: Check whether routed packets are stanzas


* Riak support

Install and config

* New options log_rotate_count, log_rotate_size and log_rate_limit
* html guide is now generated when building source tarball
* Use p1_utils, and move treap.erl to p1_utils
* Get rid of p1_mnesia file
* old release notes are not installed anymore
* Don’t “forget” listener options
* Always enable STUN at compile time
* Do not check for Erlang apps at configure time
* Add –enable-riak configure flag


* Add tests for stream management
* Add tests for mod_carboncopy
* Add tests for mod_caps
* Improve MUC test cases
* Travis CI: Enable Riak tests
* Add Riak backend to the testing suit
*The test suite no longer fails without –enable-transient_supervisors.


* MUC messages with ~ were not logged (EJAB-1696).

And many bugfixes all over the source code.

This release requires at least Erlang/OTP R15, and works perfectly
with R16B03, and will work with R17 if Riak support is disabled

When building from Git, “make install” now fails if you do not run
“make doc” before due to doc/guide.html no longer being in the repo.
If you don’t have necessary tools to build the guide, just pick the
one from ejabberd sources tarball.

As usual, the release is tagged in the Git source code repository on
github: https://github.com/processone/ejabberd

The source package and binary installers are available at ProcessOne:

If you suspect you found a bug, search or fill a bug report in Jira:

Jérôme Sautret

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