[ejabberd] Request for help: Changes to max_user_sessions having no effect

David Partain david.partain at ericsson.com
Wed Jul 30 13:32:22 MSK 2014


I apologize in advance if this is a FAQ.  I've tried to find the answer, 
but rather than go completely bald pulling out the rest of my hair, I'm 
hoping someone here can help.

I'm running ejabberd 2.1.10 on an Ubuntu 12.04 server.

The initial config had

{access, max_user_sessions, [{10, all}]}.

and users were (not surprisingly) only able to connect to 10 chat rooms. 
  When they connected to the 11th, they got a 503 go-away error.

I thought that it would be a simple matter of changing that to something 
else like:

{access, max_user_sessions, [{100, all}]}.

and restarting the server.  No luck.  11th chat room results in the same 

Then I thought I had found something with the override_* options.  I 
commented those out, so I have:


Unfortunately, this changes nothing, either.

I realize this looks like I'm fumbling in the dark, 'cause I am.  I'm 
relatively new to the ejabberd game.

Can anyone suggest what I might be overlooking?



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