[ejabberd] Sending messages via send_message_chat

Peter Binnig peter.binnig at gmx.net
Mon Mar 17 12:38:17 MSK 2014

thank you that looks really promising.
Sorry it took so long, but I changed my server and had a lot to do. I
just came around to installing ejabberd again ;).
I tried installing mod_xmlrpc and promptly ran into problems.
I'm sure that it's just a stupid mistake.
I am running ejabberd 2.1.13 from the jabber.at repository.
Installing mod_xmlrpc gave me the message "ejabberd_xmlrpc is not
enabled in your ejabberd installation."
I included "{mod_xmlrpc,[{port, 4560},{timeout,5000}]}," in my config.
After that, trying to start the server results in the log-message
=ERROR REPORT==== 2014-03-17 03:47:54 ===
C(<0.37.0>:gen_mod:77) : Problem starting the module mod_xmlrpc for host
 options: [{port,4560},{timeout,5000}]
 error: undef

Peter Binnig

On 04.12.2013 13:06, 孙明欣 wrote:
> You can try xmlrpc module to send message.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> 孙明欣
> *From:* Peter Binnig <mailto:peter.binnig at gmx.net>
> *Date:* 2013-12-04 15:08
> *To:* ejabberd <mailto:ejabberd at jabber.ru>
> *Subject:* [ejabberd] Sending messages via send_message_chat
> Hi,
> I tried to create a corn-job to set the motd every day on a new output
> of "fortune" but I could not figure out how to do that.
> Every thing I tried resulted in "Error: the command "send_message_chat"
> requires 15 less argument." or
> Problem 'error {case_clause,{'EXIT',{{badmatch,{error,{fread,character}}},
>                                      [{ejabberd_ctl,format_arg2,2},
> {ejabberd_ctl,'-format_args/2-fun-0-',2},
>                                       {lists,foldl,3},
>                                       {ejabberd_ctl,call_command,3},
>                                       {ejabberd_ctl,try_call_command,3},
>                                       {ejabberd_ctl,process2,3},
>                                       {ejabberd_ctl,process,1},
> {rpc,'-handle_call_call/6-fun-0-',5}]}}}' occurred executing the command.
> Stacktrace: [{ejabberd_ctl,call_command,3},
>              {ejabberd_ctl,try_call_command,3},
>              {ejabberd_ctl,process2,3},
>              {ejabberd_ctl,process,1},
>              {rpc,'-handle_call_call/6-fun-0-',5}]
> The second error occurs with "&(fortune) as message argument, but not
> every time I think it has something to do with multiple lines in the
> message, because one line messages get set properly.
> Can anybody give me any advice?
> Peter Binnig
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