[ejabberd] ejabberd 13.12 xmlrpc

[Digital^Dude] (R) millennium.bug at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 10:55:05 MSK 2014

Any successful users of mod_xmlrpc in ejabberd 13.12 ?

I cannot even get any output from ejabberdctl user_resources jenkins

Although user jenkins is using resources and is showing presence.

I added the following in my ejabberd.yml file: and in

include_config_file: "/etc/ejabberd/xmlrpc.cfg"

{listen, [
  {{4560, ""}, ejabberd_xmlrpc, [
    {access_commands, [
      %% This bot can execute any command:
      {xmlrpc_bot, all, []},
      {xmlrpc_bot_reg_test, [register, unregister], [{host, "test.org"}]}

doesn't work...
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