[ejabberd] ejabberd_xmlrpc: Unknown call

Kaspar Janßen mail at kjanssen.net
Thu May 22 19:39:29 MSK 2014


I am running ejabberd 14.05 build from source but I have a problem with

On every request I get:
@ejabberd_listener:accept:313 (#Port<0.6286>) Accepted connection ->
@ejabberd_xmlrpc:build_fault_response:342 Error -112
Unknown call: {call,check_password,

I am at the end of my knowledge. I am searching for hours but I still
can't find any good documentation describing how to do it except this way:

include_config_file: "/etc/ejabberd/xmlrpc.cfg"

{acl, xmlrpcweb, {user, "xmlrpc-web", "hostname"}}.
{access, xmlrpcaccess, [{allow, xmlrpcweb}]}.
{listen, [
  {{4560, ""}, ejabberd_xmlrpc, [{maxsessions, 10}, {timeout,

As you can see, I have dropped the authentication and I am trying to use
localhost. Maybe you can give me a hint what I am doing wrong.

Kind Regards

Kaspar Janßen

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