[ejabberd] Unable to use p1_prof

Vineet Pandey vipandey at eng.ucsd.edu
Thu May 29 08:43:11 MSK 2014


I am using ejabberd to study its scalability and check how it can work with
noSQL db for a term project (due in a week no less :) ). I have downloaded
the recent code tarball and I have built it on Mac OS X.

I need to profile ejabberd code to understand the time taken by different
functions. Since ejabberd provides p1_prof, I have tried enabling it to no
avail. Steps I have taken:

* make clean; make debugtools=true; sudo make install; ejabberdctl start;
ejabberdctl debug; p1_prof:help(). OUTPUT: ** exception error: undefined
function p1_prof:help/0
* same as above, but replace 'make debugtools=true' with 'make debug=true'

* Which flag to pass with make? The makefile does not seem to have any
'debug' case.
* Also, upon starting ejabberdctl debug, doing "im()." starts the monitor
but Modules->Interpreter gives OUTPUT: "Error when interpreting:
roster.DCD: No BEAM file". I suppose I need to build and install the code
with correct flags to enable toe debugging too.
* I also checked with adding "-define(ejabberd_debug, true)" in
include/ejabberd.hrl, but doesn't help

If someone could mention how to enable p1_prof() and im() (to view the
modules in debugger), that'd save me lot of time and I'll owe you a beer.

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