[ejabberd] ejabberd / mysql timeout issues

. . otin at outlook.com
Sat Nov 22 21:17:34 MSK 2014

Hi All,


Apologies for the interruption.  I'm wondering if we could get some
assistance with a problem we are having:


We've been running ejabberd (v2.1.13) with MySQL, on a decent sized machine,
for about a year now.  It should be able to handle upwards of 10,000
concurrent users, but we are finding timeout issues with MySQL when the
number of concurrent users only reaches 400-450.  This is possibly related
to the known bug EJAB-1583.


We have also managed to isolate a couple of "custom" modules used as part of
the message archiving which may also be the cause of the issue.  The
developer who wrote them was not an erlang expert.


I suspect the actual issue can be fixed with either a simple config change,
minor change to the custom module (its very short) or replacement with a
standardised module.


What we would love to find is someone who has extensive configuration and
module writing experience - or better yet was involved in the core
development of ejabberd.


Does anyone have suggestions on things to try (eg. recommended MySQL
drivers, ejabberd configuration settings etc) . or can recommend a reliable





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