[ejabberd] ejabberd / mysql timeout issues

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Hi Mickael,


Thanks for the reply:


1.       If we move to SaaS, it will take time – ie. there is work to change and test our existing architecture (for example how we archive messages and pass them back to the existing platform).  It is not a quick job, and we would require a good erlang/ejabberd consultant

2.       The messaging bottleneck is still a short term issue, whether we move or not.  We have made some progress narrowing down the probable cause, but we still require a good erlang/ejabberd consultant who can help with this issue in the short term 

3.       If we switch to SaaS, we would need to understand the pricing model clearly.  Moving to SaaS and then finding a big price change after 1, 3 or 5 years would be very difficult.  If we moved it would be for the long term (10+ years)


Whatever option we consider, a good erlang/ejabberd consultant is necessary – or some pointers from some of the more experienced guys (or girls!) on this list would be a huge help.


Best regards,




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If this is an option, I think you should consider moving your platform to ProcessOne ejabberd SaaS platform.

There is a rest API for querying your back-end for authentication and contact list.

Given your load you would be in stage 1 (200 euros per month).


Please, let me know if you are interesting in exploring further.


Kind regards,



Mickaël Rémond

ProcessOne - Boxcar

Founder and CEO


On 22 Nov 2014, at 19:17, . . <otin at outlook.com> wrote:


Hi All,


Apologies for the interruption.  I’m wondering if we could get some assistance with a problem we are having:


We’ve been running ejabberd (v2.1.13) with MySQL, on a decent sized machine, for about a year now.  It should be able to handle upwards of 10,000 concurrent users, but we are finding timeout issues with MySQL when the number of concurrent users only reaches 400-450.  This is possibly related to the known bug EJAB-1583.


We have also managed to isolate a couple of “custom” modules used as part of the message archiving which may also be the cause of the issue.  The developer who wrote them was not an erlang expert.


I suspect the actual issue can be fixed with either a simple config change, minor change to the custom module (its very short) or replacement with a standardised module.


What we would love to find is someone who has extensive configuration and module writing experience - or better yet was involved in the core development of ejabberd.


Does anyone have suggestions on things to try (eg. recommended MySQL drivers, ejabberd configuration settings etc) … or can recommend a reliable consultant? 





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