[ejabberd] module sip

ricky gutierrez xserverlinux at gmail.com
Tue Nov 25 05:44:45 MSK 2014

Hi list , I have a question, I have running the latest version of
ejabberd 14.07 and want to add the module sip, the idea is to offer
other services to my users xmpp, reading in the blog.process-one.net
"https://blog.process-one.net/ejabberd-community-14-05/", that the
version of ejabber brings a proxy sip

We have integrated a SIP proxy / Registrar in ejabberd that makes
possible, using the same credentials, to pass SIP calls with a SIP
client as well (for example your Android phone). We had a STUN service
and integrated TURN to make VoIP easier in most contexts. This is just
the beginning and we are waiting for your feedback to make things even

I'm doing some tests but does not work, I do not see that port 5060
udp and tcp is in listening!

netstat -an | grep 5060

[02:39:38] [root at shark conf]#netstat -an | grep 5061

udp        0      0      *

[02:39:40] [root at shark conf]#netstat -an | grep 5060

my piece of code:

    port: 5060

    transport: udp

    module: ejabberd_sip

    port: 5060

    module: ejabberd_sip

    port: 5061

    module: ejabberd_sip

    tls: true

    certfile: "/opt/ejabberd/keys/ejabberd.pem"

only port 5061 is open.

any idea?



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