[ejabberd] xep-0198 resume_timeout

Raoul Duke rduke496 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 26 00:26:16 MSK 2014


I am using the latest ejabberd (recently updated from 2.1.1).

My out of the box experience was that  when mod_ping determines that a
user is offline in the new version it takes a further 5 mins before
that user is marked as offline and other users get a presence update

I believe I have tracked this down to the default value of
resume_timeout (300 seconds).  When i set resume_timeout to 0 I get
the desired behaviour and the same behaviour I used to get on the old
version i.e. that users are marked as offline in a timely fashion as
soon as mod_ping states that they are offline.

However, with this resume_timeout value of 0 I lose the value-added I
was getting from xep-0198

I want both!   Is there any configuration or other way to get the "as
soon as mod_ping notices the user is offline then mark them as such"
but still be able to leverage session resumption from xep-0198?

Any input/suggestions/gotchas greatly appreciated.


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