[ejabberd] authentication problem with embedded xmpp client

Johney Test johneytest at outlook.com
Wed Nov 26 13:02:47 MSK 2014

I am using special embedded xmpp client which is working with other xmpp servers like openfire and jabberd2 . but when I tried to login in ejabberd 14.07  i get this error "User login not authorized because digest-uri seems invalid:<<"xmpp/">> ... Failed authentication.
after decrypting  the digest uri which is sent by ejabberd server I recognized that ejabberd server does not send 'realm' to the client . therefore client is not able to get the realm and it sends empty realm instead to the server which results in failure authentication.

I made a lots of researches to find a way and I could find two pages from ejabberd forum :

net:jabber and "digest-uri seems invalid" / authentication problem
A way to disable digest-uri SASL authenticaiton / or a command line client that can handle it?

and they suggest:
Improve your XMPP client library to provide a proper digest-uri in the SASL Digest.
Change your client or library to not use SASL Digest.
Change ejabberd to not verify digest-uri.
Use an older version of ejabberd that didn't yet implement this verification.
but as I said the client is embeded and there is no way to modify client . and I don't like to disable digest-uri verification or use an older version of ejabberd  .
is there any way to configure ejabberd server to send 'realm' in his MD5-digest to the client like the thing that openfire does ?

thank u in advance.

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